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Spanish Oaks Austin remodel
Interior Design Firm

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Austin, Texas, Davinci Interiors brings full-service luxury remodel interior design to Spanish Oaks Austin, Texas.  Davinci Interiors orchestrates symphonies of design—full-service luxury remodels that transcend mere aesthetics. Our seasoned interior designers, fueled by passion and precision, breathe life into spaces both grand and intimate. Davinci Interiors provides 3D renderings so our client can envision their transformation.  We provide "Proposed" and "As Built" floorplans in harmony with your Spanish Oaks Austin contractor, guiding them to success during the construction process. Our goal is to elevate your everyday through luxurious design for your Serene Hills home.  

Austin Interior design remodeling combines elements of both renovation and interior design to create spaces that are not only structurally sound but also aesthetically appealing and functional. This process begins with assessing the current state of your home, identifying areas that need repair or updating, and then planning the design elements that will enhance the space.

And then, Christina Couvillion—the visionary at our helm. As CEO, she wields her palette with reverence, ensuring clients feel not just exceptional, but cherished. Collaborating closely, she weaves narratives that resonate with your essence. Her team, a constellation of Austin’s finest, mirrors her ethos: unwavering professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and an invigorating spirit.


The Davinci Interiors team, composed of Austin’s seasoned interior designers, exudes unwavering professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and an invigorating spirit. Custom homes, new builds, bespoke furniture—the threads of our artistry intertwine, stitching dreams into reality. So step into our gallery, where luxury whispers, and let us elevate your everyday.


Spanish Oaks, Texas

Spanish Oaks is Austin’s most exclusive community, home to those who can live anywhere they choose. Residents are drawn to the dramatic Hill Country terrain surrounding one of the top private golf clubs in Texas. They express their individuality through great architecture and fine craftsmanship in their new homes. And they demand uncompromising security for their families.


In the 20 years since its inception, Spanish Oaks has become synonymous with life at the top. One of our final releases, The Hillside, offers elevated living at its very best. Here you’ll find homesites that overlook the exquisite Spanish Oaks Golf Course, many with long Hill Country vistas, and all with an additional level of gated privacy and security.


Let the talented Davinci Interiors elevate your everyday! Many of our clients are doing remodels or renovation work and we love working with them to modernize their homes while maintaining the classic style of Northwest Hills makes this renowned neighborhood so special.  Some clientele start afresh with their dream custom home or new-build in Austin,  our team enjoy being there from the start to make certain that all the fine details are meticulously planned to perfection.

Within the Austin, Texas area, numerous clients in the Spanish Oaks community embark on remodels and renovations. Our delight lies in collaborating with them to contemporize their homes while preserving the enduring charm inherent to Spanish Oaks—a neighborhood steeped in distinction. As Davinci Interiors, we proudly rank among the Top 5 Austin interior design firms, specializing in both remodels and custom homes.

Some clientele start afresh to build their dream custom home or new-build in Austin, our Davinci Interiors team enjoys being there from the start to make certain that all the fine details are meticulously planned to perfection. 

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