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Caldwell County Texas Interior Designers

Step into the world of luxury with Davinci Interiors, bringing top-tier interior design to Caldwell County, Texas. From our base in Austin, we expertly blend rustic charm and modern elegance to transform your home into a masterpiece.

From grand remodels to luxurious design projects, Davinci Interiors is here to elevate your Caldwell County home. Our full-service approach ensures every detail is infused with sophistication and style, making your space truly exceptional.

Christina Couvillion, the driving force behind Davinci Interiors, ensures every client feels special and involved in the design process. Our Caldwell County projects are a testament to her commitment to creating bespoke, luxurious interiors.

Davinci Interiors is your go-to for all things luxury in Caldwell County. Whether it's a large-scale remodel or a bespoke design project, our goal is to transform your home into a sanctuary of elegance and sophistication.


Caldwell County

Caldwell County, Texas, is a captivating blend of historical charm and vibrant community life. Located in the heart of Central Texas, this county offers a rich tapestry of attractions and activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. The city of Lockhart, the county seat, is renowned as the "Barbecue Capital of Texas," drawing food enthusiasts from far and wide to sample its legendary smoked meats. Lockhart's historic downtown, with its beautifully preserved Victorian architecture, is home to several barbecue joints, including the iconic Kreuz Market, Black’s Barbecue, and Smitty’s Market, each boasting a legacy of flavor and tradition. 

Beyond its culinary fame, Lockhart offers a wealth of cultural and recreational experiences. The Lockhart State Park provides a serene escape for nature lovers, featuring hiking trails, a swimming pool, and a nine-hole golf course. The park's tranquil setting is perfect for picnics, camping, and wildlife observation. Additionally, the Gaslight-Baker Theatre, a historic venue in downtown Lockhart, offers a variety of live performances, from plays to musical acts, contributing to the county's vibrant arts scene. The annual Chisholm Trail Roundup is another highlight, celebrating the county's cowboy heritage with rodeo events, parades, and live music, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in Texan culture.

Luling, another significant city in Caldwell County, is known for its rich agricultural history and the annual Watermelon Thump festival, which celebrates the region's farming roots with watermelon contests, parades, and live entertainment. Luling is also famous for its unique "Oil Pump Jack Art," where colorful, artistically painted oil pumps dot the landscape, reflecting the town's quirky and creative spirit. The Zedler Mill, a restored historical site on the banks of the San Marcos River, offers a glimpse into the county's industrial past and serves as a picturesque venue for community events and weddings. With its blend of history, outdoor activities, and cultural events, Caldwell County is a delightful destination that showcases the best of Central Texas living.

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