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what services do you offer?


We are a full service, luxury interior design firm. We offer design services, procurement services, and contractor coordination services for new-build, remodel, furnishing + decor styling projects.

We work on both residential and commercial projects.

Our services include (but are not limited to!):

Full service interior design, including interior furnishing, styling, decor, art curation and decoration

Remodel, New Build, and Additions/Renovations consulting, including Architectural Planning and finish/material selections

  • Space + layout planning

  • Electrical + lighting planning

  • Design conceptualization

  • Budget planning

  • Vendor sourcing + pricing

  • Kitchens + bathrooms

  • Interior Furniture

  • Outdoor/Patio Furniture

  • Corporate offices

  • Corporate/executive stay housing

  • Vacation/short-term rental properties (AirBnB, Vrbo, etc)

  • Public spaces and lobbies

  • Hospitality and restaurants

  • Showhouses + Parade of Homes 

  • Accessories, Art + Décor

  • Procurement, including the full purchasing + installation lifecycle

  • Contractor + tradesperson coordination

  • Styling + accessorizing

  • Project coordination and administration

  • Wine storage + wine rooms

  • Beverage stations, tasting rooms + bars

  • Window treatments, including custom drapery

  • Floor coverings, including area rugs

  • Wall coverings, including paint, modern faux finishes + wallpaper

  • Appliances

  • Plumbing + hardware

  • Lighting

  • Bedding + pillows

  • Fabrics + upholstery

  • Cabinetry + millwork


What are Your Procurement and Contractor Coordination Services?


Procurement Services: We’ll manage the full purchasing lifecycle of furniture/décor items specified by our designers – from placing orders through managing white glove deliveries, installations, and issue resolutions. A key benefit of this approach is it enables our designers to curate from trade-only vendors offering our clientele a more exclusive universe of selections. This allows for more custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that can truly make your space memorable.

For most building materials we specify (ex: tile/flooring, plumbing fixtures + hardware, lighting fixtures), we’ll also place those orders on your behalf—with certain limited exceptions that must be procured by a contractor (ex: Doors/windows, railings). After orders are placed, your contractor will be responsible for managing receiving/storage, deliveries, inspections, and installation of all building materials. We can help to coordinate that process with them.


We have developed and refined our process over many years and have found that it is the best way to avoid expensive mistakes.

Contractor Coordination Services: If needed, we’ll coordinate bids for any work by third-party general contractors, architects, engineers, and tradespersons (ex: wallpaper, cabinet, window treatment/drapery, and art installers). We’ll also prepare handoff package(s) and review them with contractors so they have the details + information they need to execute the design vision. During the construction process, we’ll answer their design questions, do site visits as needed, and help with issue resolutions to take that stress off your plate.

If you don’t yet have all of your contractors and trades lined up, we have built relationships with a network of trusted partners in the Austin area and would be happy to connect you.

Please note: Davinci Interiors is NOT a general contractor and does not project manage construction projects (ex: scheduling subcontractors, setting construction timelines, etc.). That will be the responsibility of the general contractor, who should have a dedicated project manager that will work with you.

What Will I Receive for Your Services?


Our full service design deliverables may include:

  • Layouts/floorplans

  • Mood boards with Design Concepts

  • Design Selections

  • 3D renderings (optional)

  • Budget planning

  • Proposals + invoices for all selections 

  • Project status updates, with a projected project timeline

  • A contractor handoff package with relevant drawings, elevations, plans, specifications, design boards, and other documents needed to execute the design vision

  • If relevant (ex: remodels with footprint changes):

    • Preliminary architecture plans*

    • Lighting and electrical plans*

    • *Please note: our plans will not be stamped and will need to be passed to a qualified third party for review, refinement, and stamping. You’ll need to work with your contractor or architect to secure any permits or approvals.

Our process includes up to five in-person meetings during the design phase, in addition to an initial in-person consultation, as detailed further in #5 below:

  • Design Kickoff Meeting

  • If relevant: Architecture Plan Meeting

  • If relevant: Appliances Showroom Visit

  • Design Concepts Meeting

  • Selections Meeting

Our process also includes the following in-person meetings during the implementation phase:

  • Check-in site visits during construction for remodel/new build projects

  • Designer attendance at major delivery/install days, with full white glove delivery

  • Designer in-person styling/accessorizing (optional add-on service)


how long does the process take?


Overall, you can expect the design plan to take ~ 3-4 months (on average) after your project has launched before implementation begins. Larger and more complex projects may require more time. It is best to allow time + space for the creative process to unfold for the most spectacular and magazine-worthy results! 

An overview of average timelines for the steps in the design process is included below. We provide a tailored timeline specific to your project as part of the design kickoff and regular weekly project status updates.

We provide one round of deliverable revisions after each design meeting (if relevant). We ask that you share all your input at one time so that we can make edits as efficiently as possible. Revisions can add time to the project depending on the scale of the revision.

Services:How Long


what are the steps in the design process?

There are three major phases of the design process:

  • Design Concepts + Budget Phase 

  • Selections Phase

  • Implementation Phase

Our full-service approach enables us to manage projects from initial concept through to completion, designing your space down to the final detail.

Design Concepts Phase (~6-8 Weeks*)


  • Design Kick-off Meeting (~1-2 Weeks*): This is the first in-person design meeting. It is mostly business + logistics. We’ll gather careful measurements, photos, and videos of your space. We’ll also go through a detailed presentation to get aligned on the design vision, timeline, budget, and contractor/trade coordination plan. It is typically held within two weeks of the project launch.


  • If Needed: Architecture Plan Meeting (~3-6 weeks*, may overlap with Design Concepts Meeting timeline): If your project involves any footprint changes, we’ll meet to review proposed architecture plans. If there are structural unknowns, we’ll need to coordinate with a contractor or engineer at this stage. Please note: our plans will not be stamped and will need to be passed to a qualified third party for review, refinement, and stamping. You’ll need to work with your contractor or architect to secure any permits or approvals.

  • Design Concepts Meeting (~3-4 Weeks*): This is the next milestone meeting, typically held at our design studio. Our designers will present Design Concept boards, floorplans/layouts, and a proposed budget. Once we have your approval of these items, everything is in place to start making selections.

Selections Phase (~6-8 Weeks*)

  • Selections Meeting (~ 4-6 Weeks*): During the selections phase, our designers select actual materials + furnishings in line with the approved design vision and budget. We’ll prepare Selections Boards, (optional) 3D renderings, and pricing Proposals to review with you at a final Selections Meeting. Once we get your final approval, we can start bringing the design vision to life.


  • Contractor and Trade Bids (overlaps with above*): We also coordinate bids with contractors and tradespersons as needed during the Selections phase, including for a general contractor (if not obtained earlier), wallpaper installer, window treatment fabricator + installer, and cabinet fabricator + installer.


  • Contractor Handoff (~1-2 Weeks*): After the final selections are confirmed, we’ll prepare handoff materials for any contractors and tradespersons so they have what they need to implement the design vision. We typically hold a formal handoff meeting to make sure everyone is set up for success.

Implementation Phase (varies by project)


  • Construction Site Visits + Touchpoints: During the implementation phase, we’ll do periodic site visits during any construction or remodel work. Our designers will be on-call to answer any design questions from the contractors and installers. Please note: all construction work and timelines will be project-managed by your general contractor.


  • Procurement + Install Days: The project implementation phase also includes managing the purchase + installation of the fabulous furniture + décor items you’ve selected. The procurement timeline will be affected by manufacturer and supplier lead times, as well as the availability of delivery + installation crews – all of which we can manage on your behalf. Our designers are typically present for major delivery + install days.


  • In-Person Accessorizing + Styling: After all major elements are installed, you’ll have the option to hire us to help you shop for one-of-a-kind accessories and come to your home to style to perfection.

​*Times may vary depending on complexity of project & coordination with outside vendors.

Services:How Soon


how soon could you start on my project?

It depends – please give us a call or fill out our New Client Questionnaire to find out! We take on projects all year long, but our capacity for new projects depends on our current project commitments and pipeline.

The first step to hiring Davinci Interiors is to schedule an Initial Consultation. For the consultation, our design team will meet you at your home/site to do a walk-through, take photos, and gather the information we need to put together a detailed proposal. We’ll go over your design goals, style preferences, budget, and timeline. We also go through an interactive presentation together so you can get to know us and understand our process.

Typically within a few days after the consultation, we’ll send you a detailed proposed Scope of Work + Fee Estimate to review and request any scope adjustments.

Once you reach a point where you’re ready to move forward, we’ll send over our contract, collect the Design Fee, and launch your project!

With most clients, we’re able to finalize the engagement within a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how long of a review period you need. Our internal project launch, the date we begin work on your project, is typically within 1-2 weeks of receiving the signed contract and Design Fee payment.



What is my investment in your interior design services?

As each project is different, we provide a detailed proposed Scope of Work and Fee Estimate following the initial consultation.


Our fees do not include the cost of any furnishings or materials. They also do not include the costs charged by any third-party contractors. Any such work is estimated and billed directly through the contractor. 

Please note: If required for your project, Davinci Interiors uses a third-party receiving warehouse that charges its own receiving, storage, and white glove delivery fees. We collect Receiving & Delivery Fees at the start of the implementation phase to cover these third-party (passthrough/no mark-up) costs on your behalf. Any unused portion of these fees is refundable.  For more about the benefits of using a Receiving Company - click here



Can I Buy Items On My Own?

As part of our full luxury service model, all purchasing and execution goes through Davinci Interiors (with certain limited exceptions noted above).

Our agreement is that we work with each client to set an investment estimate together, and then source items that align with both the budget and the design vision.

Our final prices are competitive with retail. We do not disclose or pass on our trade pricing.

This is the business model that enables us to have an accomplished tenured team that provides our clientele with impeccable designs & a first class experience.  We invest in our team & travel throughout the year to furniture and industry markets so we can be at the forefront of current designs & technology.  Our clients deserve bespoke designs that are on trend, yet timeless.



Can you recommend a contractor for my project?

Yes, we’re happy to connect you! We work with a trusted network of contractors, electricians, lighting experts, drapery fabricators + installers, wallpaper installers, cabinet fabricators + installers, artists, architects, engineers, custom upholsterers, bedding and pillow fabricators, local showrooms, and trade-only vendors around the globe . . . and much more! 


We are also generally happy to work with your contractor if you’ve already got one lined up. We like to have a conversation with them first to understand their process and staffing, including whether they have a dedicated project manager and procurement team, as this can impact the level of contractor coordination services our firm will need to provide. 



Do You Have References?

Absolutely. We invite you to talk with our clients about their experience. Please reach out for a list of references. 

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