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Top 10 Austin Interior Design Firms

“Keep Austin Weird” is the offical slogan of Austin.  These top Austin interior designers honor that slogan by keeping the quickly growing city looking diverse, current, and stylish. Always looking to combine the natural elements of Austin history with modern aspects, these top 10 Interior Design Firms are experienced in both the residential and commercial realms. Their signature approach is to curate one-of-a-kind pieces to include in their designs, as well as pieces they can reuse and adapt.  These 10 interior designers have been featured locally, regionally, and nationally for their contributions to the Austin aesthetic


Davinci Interiors is founded by Christina Couvillion.  She is rated among the best luxury interior designers in Austin, Texas by Texas Builders Association owing to her discerning taste and creativity. She and her world-class team look beyond the known and trusted designs and created spaces that are uniquely distincitve. They approach every project as a riddle that has a flawless solution waiting to be unveiled. It’s certainly no wonder Davinci Interiors is a leader among Houzz best interior designers in Austin.  They offer both onsite and virtual design services.

Greer Interior Design

Jennifer Greer is the creative force behind Greer. Her varied and culturally rich experience leads Jennifer to put together homes that are equally luxurious and welcoming. Another important aspect of Jennifer’s designs is that they celebrate the existing architecture. As a result, homes by these interior designers in Austin, TX are harmonious and just feel right.

Greer Interior Design 2.jpg

Britt Design Group

Launched in 2001, Britt Design Group offers a turn-key service design service.  Their charismatic team carefully manages every project nuance with the utmost care,  "From the magnificent to the mundane". They are known throughout the region for bringing calm to a process that can sometimes feel chaotic, and they pride theirselves on that.

Etch Interior Design

Etch Design Group is a full-service interior design firm that works closely with homeowners, builders, and architects in Texas and throughout the U.S. Whether building a new home or remodeling an existing home, Their team of interior designers work with clients to create unique spaces to match tastes and aesthetics unique to them.

austin design house.webp

Austin Design House

Austin Design House is a full service interior design firm that is perfect for the client who wants a one on one experience in elevating their home to the next level  For clients who love their home, but need to make some cosmetic upgrades or changes they offer remodel & renovation services. They partner with their clientele to redesign and freshen up existing space. 

Michelle Thomas Design

Michelle S. Thomas & her team have completed projects across Texas and into the gulf states with her signature style.

Architecture is the blank canvas they work with. Their signature is modern designs, clean lines, and “pops” of color help bring out the natural beauty of their client's home.

michelle thomas2.jpg
amity worrel.jpeg

Amity Worrel & Co.

Amity Worrel is a master of eclectic design and has honed her craft under some of the nations most renowned interior designers such as, Jeffrey Bilhuber and Tom Scheerer. Drawn to collecting and curating décor items since childhood, Amity has perfected the art of mixing and matching elements that create inspired interiors. In the end, the spaces she designs are uniquely their own while reflecting the personality and lifestyle of the client.

Robin Bond Interiors

Robin Bond & her team specialize in listening to their client's design desires and bringing them to life in a primary home, secondary home, or vacation rental. They order and install everything, So, get that Austin vibe with the Austin, worry-free approachn they offer , Robin says "God always comes first, but after that family and home are a close second and third. I apply this belief in my work. I live and breathe interior design, love it with all my heart "

robin bond.jpg
heather scott.jpg

Heather Scott Home 

Heather Scott Home & Design offers interior design services focuses on full room and full home projects, with special expertise in primary and secondary luxury residences. Their home design services are structured as a luxury, "turnkey" process managed by their team from concept to installation. Our projects have been recognized with awards from the American Society of Interior Designers, Houzz, the Austin Home Builders Association.

Modern Hippie Design

Heidi Houdek, is the founder and owner of The Modern Hippie Design Studio. She attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo followed by a successful career in finance after graduation. But throughout her career, she always had an inner voice telling her that "this was not my path". After getting much self reflection a few years ago, she was able to trust that internal voice and get back to her creative self. Her true passion is creating beauty. It truly feeds her soul to share her passion, and by doing so, bringing joy to others. 

modern hippie.jpeg

Austin Interior Design

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