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Guadalupe County Texas Remodel Interior Design Firm

Located in Austin, Texas, Davinci Interiors brings full-service luxury interior design to Guadalupe County, Texas. The Texas Hill Country, known for its picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, and vibrant wildflowers, has a unique influence on interior design. This region's design aesthetic is often characterized by a blend of rustic charm and modern elegance.

Davinci Interiors offers large and small projects, ranging from complete remodels to full, luxury service interior design and procurement. Our goal is to elevate your everyday through luxurious design for your Guadalupe Countyhome.

Christina Couvillion, Design Visionary and CEO of Davinci Interiors prides herself and her Davinci team on making the clients feel special and working with them during the creative process to bring them a perfectly tailored space.

The Davinci Interiors team of interior designers brings a level of professionalism, attention to detail and vibrant energy to create beautiful spaces. We are experts in Remodels, Custom Homes/New Builds & Custom Furniture in Austin, TX.


Guadalupe County dining room

Guadalupe County, Texas, is a dynamic region that blends rich history with modern growth, offering a vibrant lifestyle for its residents. Located just east of San Antonio, the county is home to the charming city of Seguin, which boasts an array of historic sites, beautiful parks, and a welcoming community spirit. Founded in 1838, Seguin is one of the oldest towns in Texas and features a delightful mix of preserved historic buildings and new developments. Notable attractions include the Heritage Village and Texas Agricultural Education and Heritage Center, where visitors can explore the area's storied past.

The county is also known for its natural beauty, with the Guadalupe River providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including kayaking, fishing, and tubing. The tranquil Lake McQueeney is a popular spot for boating and watersports, offering a perfect escape for nature enthusiasts. Guadalupe County's calendar is filled with vibrant events and festivals, such as the Pecan Fest Heritage Days and the Guadalupe County Fair, which showcase local culture and bring the community together.

Remodeling trends in Guadalupe County reflect a blend of preserving historical charm while incorporating modern amenities. Homeowners are increasingly focusing on restoring historic homes, maintaining their unique architectural features, and integrating contemporary comforts like open floor plans and state-of-the-art kitchens. There is also a growing interest in sustainable living, with many remodels including energy-efficient upgrades, solar panels, and eco-friendly materials. Outdoor living spaces are another popular trend, with residents creating inviting patios, decks, and gardens that take advantage of the county's scenic landscapes. These trends highlight the community's commitment to enhancing both the beauty and functionality of their homes, ensuring that Guadalupe County remains a desirable place to live.

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