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Hill Country Texas Austin Remodel Interior Design Firm

Based in Austin, Texas, Davinci Interiors brings full-service luxury remodel interior design to Hill Country, Texas. The Texas Hill Country, celebrated for its scenic landscapes, rolling hills, and colorful wildflowers, uniquely influences interior design. This area's aesthetic is often marked by a fusion of rustic charm and modern sophistication.

Davinci Interiors offers large and small projects, ranging from complete remodels to full, luxury service interior design and procurement. Our goal is to elevate your everyday through luxurious design for your Hill Country home.

Christina Couvillion, Design Visionary and CEO of Davinci Interiors prides herself and her Davinci team on making the clients feel special and working with them during the creative process to bring them a perfectly tailored space.

The Davinci Interiors team of interior designers brings a level of professionalism, attention to detail and vibrant energy to create beautiful spaces. We are experts in Remodels, Custom Homes/New Builds & Custom Furniture in Austin, TX.


Hill Country bedroom, black and gold wallpaper with bespoke art work

The Texas Hill Country area and homes are known for several key features:

Natural Materials and TexturesThe Hill Country's interior design prominently features natural materials such as limestone, cedar, and reclaimed wood. These elements echo the rugged beauty of the region, infusing interiors with a sense of authenticity and warmth. Common features include stone fireplaces, wooden beams, and textured walls.

Indoor-Outdoor LivingThanks to the region's stunning scenery and mild climate, there is a strong focus on creating seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces. Large windows, sliding glass doors, and outdoor patios or porches are designed to maximize views and encourage interaction with nature.

Color PaletteThe color palette in Hill Country design often takes inspiration from the natural surroundings. Earthy tones like warm browns, soft greens, and muted yellows are prevalent, with occasional bursts of wildflower-inspired hues such as vibrant blues and purples.

Eclectic MixHill Country interiors often feature a unique blend of rustic and contemporary styles. Antique furniture and vintage pieces are paired with modern amenities and sleek designs, creating an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. This mix honors the region's heritage while embracing modern comfort.

Local Art and CraftsmanshipThe Hill Country boasts many local artisans and craftsmen whose work is frequently showcased in interior design. Handcrafted furniture, custom ironwork, and locally made ceramics add unique, personal touches to homes.

SustainabilitySustainable design practices are highly valued in the Hill Country. Many homes feature energy-efficient elements, use locally sourced materials, and are designed with environmental friendliness in mind. Rainwater harvesting systems and native landscaping are also common.

Historical InfluencesThe area's German and Spanish heritage influences interior design, evident in architectural details like arched doorways, wrought iron accents, and tile work. These elements add a historical dimension to modern homes in the region.

Overall, the Hill Country's interior design captures the spirit of the region—rustic yet refined, historic yet contemporary, and always connected to the natural beauty of the landscape.

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