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South River Austin Remodel Interior Design Firm

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, Davinci Interiors brings a splash of luxury to South River City with our top-tier remodel interior design services. From sweeping overhauls to intricate, upscale interior design and procurement, we handle projects big and small with the same goal: to transform your daily life with exquisite design tailored to your South River City home.

Leading the charge is Christina Couvillion, the dynamic CEO and design visionary of Davinci Interiors. Christina and her exceptional team pride themselves on creating personalized, stunning spaces while making every client feel like a star in the creative process. With a sharp eye for detail and a passion for perfection, Christina ensures your home becomes a masterpiece of style and comfort.

The Davinci Interiors team of Austin's finest designers injects professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and a burst of vibrant energy into every project. 

We specialize in remodels, custom homes, new builds, and bespoke furniture, making us the ultimate choice for sophisticated, breathtaking interiors in Austin, TX. Elevate your everyday life with the extraordinary designs of Davinci Interiors!


South River bathroom remodel

South River City, nestled along the southern banks of the Colorado River in Austin, Texas, is a neighborhood that exudes charm and character. This area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to its close proximity to Lady Bird Lake and its extensive hike and bike trails. Residents enjoy easy access to scenic parks, such as the lush and expansive Auditorium Shores, where they can partake in kayaking, paddle boarding, and picnicking. 

The vibrant SoCo (South Congress) district, renowned for its eclectic mix of boutiques, eateries, and live music venues, is just a stone's throw away, making South River City a perfect blend of nature and urban excitement. South River City is bounded to the west by South Congress Avenue and the Bouldin Creek neighborhood, to the south by Oltorf Road and to the east by Interstate 35 and East Riverside-Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Planning Area. To the north, South River City abuts Lake Lady Bird and Riverside Drive. South River City together with the St. Edward's neighborhood located directly to the south, comprise a City of Austin Combined Planning Area called Greater South River City.

The neighborhood is steeped in history, with many homes reflecting mid-century architectural styles that add to its unique aesthetic. South River City boasts a tight-knit community vibe, with residents often gathering for local events and festivals that celebrate the area's rich cultural heritage. The annual Bat Fest, held on the Congress Avenue Bridge, is a local favorite, where thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats take flight at dusk, creating a spectacular natural display. This sense of community, combined with the area's natural beauty and convenient location, makes South River City a highly desirable place to live.

Remodeling trends in South River City focus on preserving the historic charm while integrating modern amenities and sustainable practices. Homeowners are increasingly renovating to create open-concept living spaces that enhance natural light and airflow. There's a notable trend towards using eco-friendly materials, such as reclaimed wood and energy-efficient windows, to reduce environmental impact. Outdoor living areas are also a significant focus, with many homes featuring landscaped gardens, decks, and patios designed for entertaining and relaxation. Additionally, smart home technology is being seamlessly incorporated to offer convenience and enhance security, ensuring that homes in South River City remain both stylish and functional for contemporary living.

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