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A Designer's Guide To Wallpaper

Wallpaper patterns are seen everywhere around us. We can find them on different objects, from vases to pillows and paintings. Some patterns have been popular for decades and others for centuries. In recent years wallpaper has had a comeback, featured in high-end interior design projects, luxury hotels, and award-winning restaurants, modern wallpaper manufacturers have thousands of options for every interior design style from organic modern to midcentury to traditional.

Here are some ideas on how we use wallpaper to create beautifully curated spaces making them stand out and feel cozy and intimate at the same time.


Stripped wallpaper can help accentuate the height of a room. Vertical stripes and horizontal patterns give the impression of taller walls, they also help dignify a room and make it more formal.

Horizontal stripes can give the impression of a wider room, especially when they are large in scale.

Thibaut Design Wallpaper


Splitting and combining patterns is an original way to create some drama in an otherwise boring room.

You can opt for combining wallpaper with wainscoting or tile or a mix of two or more wallpaper to make a room look designer. The key to using this technic is having a bold wallpaper that makes a statement and combines it with something more neutral and classic that relates to the bold wallpaper selection

Grass Cloth

Grasscloth wallpapers are a timeless finish because it creates a classic look that works with almost any decor. Depending on the color you select, grasscloth wallpaper can evoke many different styles. For instance, if your home has a rustic feel, white or light-colored grasscloth wallpaper will be an excellent choice since it will help to soften the walls and create an inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, if you have an accent color in the room such as red, you can try a darker color for contrast. York Radiant Grasscloth Wallpaper


A great textured wallpaper can inject a burst of joy and

fanciness into even the most mundane place. A white powder room instantly takes on jaw-dropping glamour if you add wallpaper with texture as bold as a mink coat to its walls. Not every wall is suited for that kind of treatment, but once you veer outside the comfort zone of creamy whites and airy solids, you might discover that your powder room has built-in drama.

Nowadays there are many types of wallpapers. Many manufacturers have perfected the peel-and-stick wallpaper which is renter-friendly and easy to install. If you are in the mood for a weekend project or something that isn’t permanent, peel and stick is a great option for you. Davinci recommends that before you embark on this project, you make sure your walls have the right texture and you have measured your space according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the wallpaper you selected, have the necessary tools such as an exacto knife, smoother, and a high enough ladder.

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