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Barton Hills Austin Interior Design Trends

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Barton Hills interior design style is as unique as the neighboorhood itself. Referred to as Austin’s most nature-friendly neighborhood Barton Hills features lush parks pools and botanic gardens. Bordered by Zilker Park and the Colorado River to the north and Barton Creek Greenbelt on the south Barton Hills offers buyers homes with mature trees and lush greenery. Additionally the community lies just outside of Downtown Austin and offers easy access to numerous cafes for laid-back music options.

It’s easy to see how organic interiors have become a major part of contemporary design with its cozy and inviting ambiance, use of natural tones found in nature, organic textures and open concept spaces.

Our Davinci Interiors teams thinks about plush comfortable seating, foraged branches and oversized trees, imperfectly shaped vases, and heavily textured fabrics on pillows, curtains and rugs.

Textures and materials

Organic modern design is a beautiful medley of modern lines and organic textures. Natural stones and handmade tiles grace bathroom & kitchen designs.

Natural fibers, like slubby linen, are typically found in furniture and fabrics while organically shaped decor piece add interest and visual texture to a room. I love adding texture with linen curtains and woven baskets for storage.

color palette

Take a serene approach and keep it neutral and calm with accent colors found in nature. Like in this photo the creams and whites are brought to life with oversized greenery, warm mustard accents and contrasted with black. Or for a more colorful approach, flip the serene color palette making a statement with bold natural colors (like jewel-toned hues such as greens & mustards) and accent with off-white and cream to create calmness and balance.

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