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Breathing New Life into a Tuscan Gem: Davinci Interiors' Contemporary Makeover

It’s not often that a design firm gets the chance to bring together the rustic charm of the old world with the crisp, clean lines of the contemporary. But that's exactly what happened when Davinci Interiors was tasked with transforming a Tuscany-style home into a sleek, modern masterpiece and breathing new life into a Tuscan Gem: Davinci Interiors' Contemporary Makeover!

A Shift from the Tuscan Trend Tuscany-style homes, with their warm earth tones, terracotta tiles, and ornate ironworks, once ruled the roost in upscale neighborhoods around the world. Over the years, though, preferences shifted. The cozy, farmhouse-feel of the Tuscan design began to seem dated, as homeowners started gravitating towards simpler, more streamlined designs.

Challenges in Modernizing Tuscany-Style Homes

  1. Blending Old with New: One of the key challenges in redesigning a Tuscan home is ensuring a seamless blend between the existing rustic features and the new contemporary elements.

  2. Updating Heavy Ornamentals: Tuscany-style homes are renowned for their ornate ironworks, carved wood, and intricate stone details. Stripping these away entirely would

mean losing the soul of the house, but leaving them as is might not gel with a contemporary design. One aspect we leveraged was turning the classic arches into a more more modern squared aspect. However, we kept the arch and ironwork on the front door as a blending of the old and new.

  1. Balancing Color Palettes: While Tuscany homes revel in their warm yellows, deep reds, and burnt oranges, contemporary designs often lean on neutral, cooler shades. Striking a balance is essential.

Davinci Interiors’ Magic Touch Given the challenges, Davinci Interiors knew it had its work cut out. However, the team saw an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

  • Selective Retention: While Davinci retained key Tuscan elements that added character to the home, we did have the advantage that the client had decided to take the home down to the studs. For instance, ornate ironworks were modernized with a minimalist touch, arches were squared off, and outdated terracotta tiles were modernized into contemporary designs.


  • Neutral Overlays: The interiors were given a fresh coat of neutral paint which not only brightened up the space but also acted as a blank canvas. This allowed the homeowner to introduce color through décor, artwork, and soft furnishings.

Neutral Colors

  • Open Spaces: Walls were brought down, and spaces were opened up. The once cozy, compartmentalized Tuscan rooms now flowed into each other, enhancing natural light and creating an airy ambiance.

Open Concept


Modern appliances
  • Modern Amenities: To ensure the home wasn’t just

Modern lighting

aesthetically pleasing but also state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, smart home features, and energy-efficient solutions.

Finale! With a delicate touch, an eye for detail, and a passion for blending the best of both worlds, Davinci Interiors transformed what was once a quintessential Tuscany-style home

into a contemporary haven. This project stands as a testament to the fact that with creativity and expertise, even the most seemingly challenging redesigns can result in a mesmerizing masterpiece. Here's to celebrating the old, embracing the new, and finding the perfect balance between the two!

Interested in bringing an updated design into your home? Reach out to us at Davinci Interiors. We would love to help you create a space that embodies simplicity, functionality, and beauty. Contact us at the following link to set up a free discovery call or to schedule an in-person consultation: We’d love to help make your design dreams a reality! And follow us on Instagram @davinciinteriors123.

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