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Design Tip Tuesday - Balancing Act

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Life is all about finding the right balance: work-life balance, maintaining a balanced diet, monitoring your account balance. This balancing act carries into your home in the way of visual balance. If the balance is off, you'll find yourself feeling like something is just not quite right.


An easy way to create visual balance in your interior design is to rely on symmetry. If a room is set up so that one side is a mirror image of the other the balance is clear. Finding balance in this way is often found in homes with classic or traditional styles. However, if your home leans eclectic or modern, you may find that asymmetrical balance feels more suitable. An easy way for beginners to find the right asymmetrical balance is to start with symmetry but edit, swap, and scooch. Change one thing at a time to disrupt the symmetry, and don't forget the rule of thirds!


Another aspect of balance in interior design is the balance of focal points. Whether its a symmetrical layout or an asymmetrical layout, some pieces will demand greater attention and should be allowed to do so! When selecting fixtures, fabrics, and artwork determine which pieces you wish to be the rockstars and allow other pieces and materials to be their supportive cast. Choosing flooring or wall colors that coordinate with the focal piece without demanding additional attention from the eye allows a moment of rest so your star can shine!


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