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Design Tip Tuesday - Drapery Decisions

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Adding drapery to a space can elevate the look and feel of a room as well as provide functionality in several different ways. Not every window needs drapery but its important to not overlook the benefits when considering your home as a whole.


Lets say you don't have any privacy or light concerns in a space, or you already have shades that are doing the trick - what might drapes add? Stationary drapes provide two notable benefits. First and foremost, any drapery (stationary or functional) can accentuate the height of a room by drawing the eye upwards. In addition, they also help absorb reverberating sound which can be particularly helpful while many of us are working from home more often than in the past.



In addition to the same benefits that stationary drapes provide, functioning drapes have even more. With functioning drapes you have the benefits that initially come to mind when considering drapery - privacy and light control. Additionally, functioning drapes can provide temperature control as well which is invaluable during the hot, Texas summer months. For the best experience, we recommend automating your functional drapery for ultimate ease of use and the best way to tailor your home to your lifestyle and daily routine.

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