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Meet Our Operations Team!

Updated: May 8, 2023

Last blog we told you about our award winning design team. Today, we are super excited to introduce you to the fabulous people who make up the Operations Team at DaVinci Interiors. This dynamic trio -Mike, Leslie, and Tamara - work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the magic of DaVinci Interiors comes alive in every project.

Mike Couvillion, COO

At the helm, we have Mike Couvillion, who brings over 25 years of executive leadership to his role as Chief Operating Officer at DaVinci Interiors. Mike is known for his problem-solving skills, process efficiency, and financial acumen. His focus is always on putting clients first and keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Mike's impressive background includes a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana Tech University and a certification in Executive Leadership Training. Mike's is a veteran, having served in the United States Air Force from 1988 to 1996. Since then he has held several executive leadership positions (CEO/COO/CTO) in private equity-backed businesses, leading engineering teams across the globe. His experience includes work in the real estate industry, oil and gas, learning management systems and human resources technology.

Mike has received several awards and recognitions throughout his career, including the Vista Equity Partners Outstanding Executive Leadership Team award and being named a Distinguished Alumni from Louisiana Tech University. He also holds a Pragmatic Marketing Certification. He is also a certified network and systems engineer.

In his free time, Mike enjoys weight lifting and flying. His colleagues describe him as pragmatic, straightforward, and focused on solving problems. He is active in helping veterans transition from military life to the civilian world. He has been a member of the Commemorative Air Force as part of the crew for the WW2 B-25 bomber "Yellow Rose Of Texas". Mike loves the opportunity to do something new at DaVinci Interiors while working alongside two people he loves dearly. His superpower is keeping his cool in stressful situations, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Leslie Couvillion, Operations Manager

Next up, we have the incredibly organized Leslie Couvillion, the Operations Manager at DaVinci Interiors. With a background as a lawyer, Leslie's nature is one of precision and focus. She loves helping others stay on track, making sure everyone's voice is heard, and ensuring that clients find comfort and peace in their spaces.

Leslie's creative thinking allows her to overcome obstacles, making her a natural problem-solver. She graduated from Vassar College as an undergraduate and completed her Juris Doctor (JD) from Yale Law School. She has an impressive 7 years of experience as a practicing attorney for a top Texas law firm, where she counseled multiple Fortune 500 companies. Leslie's experience also includes working as a coordinator for the public defenders office in New Orleans and as a graduate teaching fellow in environmental law, non-profit organizations, and documentary filmmaking.

Outside of work, Leslie enjoys hiking, camping, songwriting, and art history. Her colleagues describe her as calm, focused, patient, and adaptable. Her superpower is her ability to stay on top of details while maintaining focus on the big picture. Leslie loves being surrounded by creative individuals who share her passion for systems and processes. She also enjoys getting to know DaVinci Interiors' clients and learning about their fascinating backgrounds and diverse aesthetic tastes.

Tammy Hale, Procurement Manager

Heading up all things Procurement related we have the wonderfully organized Tamara "Tammy" Hale, Procurement Manager at DaVinci Interiors. As our purchasing guru, Tammy oversees orders placed through our studio, making sure clients receive the correct customizations and that timelines with manufacturers are on track. Her love languages are Logistics, Asana, and Excel spreadsheets.

With a BS in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University and a background in Telecommunications from the University of Florida, Tammy has an impressive resume. She has 18 years of experience at Motorola and has held roles as a Senior HR Consultant and EEO/AA Compliance Manager. Tammy also has 7 years of experience as an interior design assistant. Her skills include project management, effective communications, process improvement, cycle time reduction, defect resolution, record-keeping/documentation, systems, procurement, and sourcing.

Tammy is known for her ability to hold manufacturers accountable, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. When delivery issues arise, she manages them with swift grace and determination, rectifying any deficiencies and keeping clients informed of status updates. In short, she handles the headaches, so you don't have to!

In her free time, Tammy is an avid traveler, having visited around 50 countries. She loves learning about other cultures, archeology, and ancient ruins, and is always up for a new adventure. Her colleagues describe her as an absolute joy to work with. Tammy loves the fun, strong team environment at DaVinci Interiors, and her superpower is organization – tracking and documenting progress.

As you can see, the Operations Team at DaVinci Interiors is a truly remarkable group of individuals. Together, Leslie, Mike, and Tamara form a powerhouse of talent, dedication, and passion for design. Thanks to their hard work, DaVinci Interiors continues to create stunning spaces that inspire and delight.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes at DaVinci Interiors. Stay tuned for more insider looks at our amazing team!

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