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What is Organic Modern interior Design?

Inspired from the Minimalism, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian and Boho design styles, Organic Modern style is all about designing a raw and effortlessly chic space that subtly layers organic elements, forms, and hues against a backdrop of sophisticated and modern simplicity. Davinci Interiors sees this trend increasing with our Austin clientele. We love to create designs that are timelessly fresh & refined.

Perfectly subdued blend of all the gentlest parts of nature and the most sophisticated and sleek elements of modern interior design are the hallmarks of Organic Modern style.

Organic modern dining room
Credit: CB2

Simple silhouettes and clean lines marry happily with elements derived or inspired by nature for a warm and timeless feel, that envelops you the moment you walk into the room.

Our Austin interior design firm loves to play with materiality with nature inspired shapes. The organic vibe from nature-inspired pieces and architectural elements balances the clean lines, allowing the focus to center around the interesting pieces featured throughout that add so much warmth.

Capturing the Essence of Organic Modern

Balancing between the airy + earthy elements of nature and a minimal modern space is the secret. The key is to blend sleek lines, simple silhouettes, and natural textures, colors, and materials:

1. Engage a Minimalist approach

Be intentional - embrace simplicity – less is more with Organic Modern interior design. Being very deliberate with your selections keeps your design simple. Avoid clutter by tucking away knick-knacks and redistributing other pieces, decor, and accessories that don’t fit well with your Organic Modern-inspired design. Be sure to give everything in your space plenty of room.

organic modern kitchen
Credit: CB2

2. Neutral and natural, understated color palette

Start with white or off-white walls for a bright base to offset the moodiness of its organic elements Many Organic Modern-inspired designs. Others lean into the use of natural materials like wood or limestone within the architecture to create a well-balanced palette of natural hues on which you can layer the more eye-drawing elements, pieces, and accessories. Don't be afraid to layer with black paired with organic color & elements for a more dramatic look.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement by working in some bolder colors, like warm neutrals, bright golds, and cool blues, to amp up or tone down your space. Try starting with a neutral tone and selecting a bolder and more saturated hue in that same tone and go from there. One great method for choosing a palette you know will work well is to draw inspiration from your surroundings, like the multi-colored smooth stones from your favorite pebble beach, or ribbons of color from the limestone cliffs that line the trail you take on your morning walks.

3. Select simple pieces with organic silhouettes.

Think Mid-Century Modern except with softer, more rustic materials, textiles, and colors. Play with a combination of curves and clean lines that emulate natural forms for that organic feel.

Organic modern bedroom
Credit: LTK Home

4. Choose pieces and accessories that use natural materials.

Wood, jute, limestone, rattan, bamboo – these are just a few examples of materials you can

feature in your space to generate an earthy feel.

An excellent way to add interest and personality is to introduce handcrafted pieces from your favorite artisans into your space. Select items made from natural materials like stone, wood, or clay and embrace their perfectly imperfect flaws by allowing plenty of exposure when placing your pieces.

Wood accents and architectural elements, especially those made from aged or repurposed natural materials, tell a story. Consider antiques and family heirlooms that can be repurposed for your architecture, built-ins, or even lighting.

5. Invite greenery into your space.

Undeniably a staple of any organic-inspired design, greenery is arguably better suited for the Organic Modern style than any other. From large palms and monsteras to small succulents and lucky bamboo, greenery invites a freshness into the design you just can’t achieve with anything else.

If you’re not looking to add plant care to your housekeeping routine, there are a lot of high-quality alternatives to living plants – you might look at faux or dried options to achieve the same organic feel.

6. Layer natural textures.

There are limitless accessories composed of natural materials you can layer to add depth and interest, as well as encourage eye movement throughout your space - Rugs, pillows, throws, upholstery, vases, even lamps, and planters.

From woven rattan cabinets and jute rugs to aged wood coffee tables and marbled stone countertops, layering textures is all about bringing together eye-catching outdoor textures and tones in a subtle yet compelling way.

Organic Modern wallpaper and furniture
Credit: Baker Furniture

The textural combinations are endless, but typically, try to incorporate soft, touchable textures and natural fibers alongside the rougher or bolder pieces within your space. As you can see above, natural materials and fibers are introduced into the living space through the use of stone in the base of the lamp and top of the coffee table, and also in the fabric of the layered rugs.

7. Natural lighting or fixtures with organic forms composed of natural materials.

The fresher & more organic the space will feel, the more natural light you have. Regardless of the amount of light your space has exposure to, the options for lighting can open you up to the opportunity to feature special touches of nature in places you might never have considered.

Organic modern bedroom
Credit: Baker Furniture

Not every interior design project begins as a new build, so in situations where you’re renovating and don’t have control over the amount of exposure to natural light you’ll have for your room, look at lighting alternatives that add natural form, texture, and history to your space.

If you already have a lot of natural texture and material featured throughout your space, draw inspiration from the modern and minimalist style go for white and/or gold metal finishes and clean lines and curves when selecting lamps and fixtures.

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