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Design Tip Tuesday - Wood Flooring

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

When it comes to adding warmth to your home there is nothing like the timeless look of wood floors. Wood floors have been a classic feature of the American home since colonial times, when they were paired with intricate oriental rugs to elevate the look of an otherwise simple material.

HARDWOOD VS ENGINEERED WOOD Although hardwood floors tend to be more expensive than engineered wood floors, they are more durable than engineered wood floors. This is not only because of the quality of the materials, but because hardwood can be refinished more times (up to 5x) than engineered woods (often 1x or 2x max). Additionally, hardwood floors tend to add value to the property. Other aspects that one must consider when choosing flooring is lifestyle whether it will be installed in a high or low traffic area. Engineered wood is more resistant to moisture and easier to maintain than hardwood floors. Engineered woods are also less affected by fluctuations in temperature and can be installed in any floor of the home including below ground. When it comes to the environment engineered wood tend to be more environmentally friendly than hardwood. Because of it design it is possible to manufacture up to four times more square footage than with solid wood, consequently saving a considerable amount of timber in the process.

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